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I’m really liking this new single from Bastille.
It’s catchy, it’s punchy, and what strikes me most is how overwhelmingly different it is. How do you classify a song like this? I mean, it’s definitely some kind of alternative rock, but it’s catchy enough to be a pop song. There are even elements of dance music in it – there will almost certainly be some club-worthy remixes floating around somewhere.
As far as I can tell, Bad Blood is Bastille’s second single, although it’s actually very hard to find out anything about them! No wikipedia page, no “about” page on their website… I had to trail through reviews and interviews to find out anything about them. The good news is that the rest of Bastille’s songs seem to be just as good as Bad Blood! They were recently in session for Huw Stephens, you can listen to that session here. Dan from the band said that their debut album is on the way!