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The purveyors of “indiebounce”, loved by bloggers and industry experts alike, have unveiled their new single Sparks. It’s brilliantly catchy, like all of their singles, and aptly named for this firework-laden time of year!

Mixing electronic sounds with drums and bouncy guitar riffs, PartyClub have a big sound and are already well on their way to great things. They’ve been championed by the likes of NME and Radio 1, and have had their music featured by fashion brands such ASOS and Hollister – not to mention the fact that they’ve opened for Twin Atlantic and DJ Fresh.

The duo from York kindly agreed to an exclusive chat, which you can read below:

So, how long have PartyClub been together and how did you meet?
I (Tom) had a bunch of songs I’d written over the course of a couple of years of soul searching and heartache. In about January 2012 I asked Alex if he wanted to join forces with me, and he duly obliged. We’d been friends since freshers week at University and have never looked back. We’re like brothers minus the DNA part.

You define your music as “indiebounce”, a name which is certainly fitting! Who came up with it?
The indiebounce thing came about from a lonely night in my bedroom with me, the laptop and the keyboard. I was sat putting the final touches to ‘young and free’ and I was doing some bits with the breakdown which has conga drums, marimbas and whatnot. I thought to myself – “I want this to be bouncy as possible”. Thus, indiebounce was duly created that evening. It seemed to fit, people seem to like it, and one of our fans came to a show with #indiebounce on a shirt, so there’s an idea for some merchandise/money making plot.

You’ve been gaining popularity through BBC Introducing; how does it feel to know that people like Huw Stephens are liking and playing your songs?
Yeh the BBC Introducing concept is awesome. It’s such a good platform for bands and gives you the opportunity to get crucial radio play, be it locally or nationally. We were lucky enough to get the Introducing playlist slot which got us airplay every day over the course of a week. It was an amazing feeling to hear people like Greg James skip back through our song picking out bits he loved and Huw and co. enjoying it as you mentioned. There’s obviously other radio stations out there (don’t want to ruin our chances of any XFM/Amazing Radio plays….ha.)

And finally, what’s coming up for PartyClub in 2013? Any plans for a tour or an album?
2013 is going to be amazing for us. We’re going to be on the road bringing our electronic drums, catchy synths and funky basslines to every city that’ll take us. We’re releasing ‘sparks’ as a single at the end of January (preliminarily 28th Jan is the date) and then gigging on the 31st Jan in York, and 14th Feb in London at New Cross Inn. We’re also planning on a few more dates that we’ll hopefully be able to announce ASAP, including Cardiff I’m reliably informed!