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Happy new year! It’s also exactly a year since I started this blog, so happy birthday Headphones & Downloads!

About a year ago, I posted my top 10 albums of 2011, so I thought I’d do the same for 2012. I’ll spare you the X Factor-esque spiel about how horribly difficult it has been to pick my favourites (although it really has, there have just been so many fantastic albums!) So, without further ado, here’s my top 10, in reverse order:

2012 album covers

10. Given To The Wild, The Maccabees
9. Come Of Age, The Vaccines
8. My Head Is An Animal, Of Monsters And Men
7. An Awesome Wave, Alt J
6. All The Crooked Scenes, Ellen And The Escapades
5. Jake Bugg, Jake Bugg
4. Dead & Born & Grown, The Staves
3. Love Blood, King Charles
2. Babel, Mumford & Sons

And finally, my #1 album of the year…

Like I Used To, Lucy Rose
I was expecting Lucy Rose’s debut album to be good, but I didn’t anticipate just how brilliant it would be. Lucy’s voice is so beautiful and smooth that it gives me goosebumps, particularly on Shiver. Other highlights are Be Alright and Gamble, then ofcourse there are the singles Lines, Bikes and Middle Of The Bed. Running through the whole album is a theme of pure, genuine lyrics – Lucy has a real knack for creating very emotive songs.