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Further Away (Romance Police) is the third dose of new material that we’ve had from Lissie this year, following the release of her single Shameless back in April, and free EP Love in the City in June.

It’s good to hear that she’s not moved too far in the pop direction, which was a genuine fear of mine after Shameless. Okay, fear may be too strong a word – Shameless was a great track, it just had a little less “country” in it than Lissie fans were used to. In Futher Away (Romance Police), however, Lissie shows that she’s still very much the country-rock siren that we know and love. At the same time, her recent releases have just enough of an edge to promise that her next album won’t just be a reproduction of her first.

To be honest, with that wonderfully raw, powerful voice, complete with just the right amount of southern-American twang, Lissie could sing almost anything and make it sound good incredible. She even gave Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance a new lease of life when she covered the track back in 2010 (hear that cover here).

I’ll be eagerly awaiting the Lissie’s second album, Back to Forever, which is due for release on September 9th in the US/October 14th in the UK. Current single Further Away (Romance Police) is available to download now.